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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. How will replacing the original egr system with yours effect performance.

A. You should see an improvement in performance & low RPM throttle response, particularly if the original was faulty, leaking or blocked. Fuel consumption should be improved & smoke emission reduced.

Q. If I fit your egr delete will an ecu warning light show.

A. Generally if you have a mechanical ( vacuum controlled ) egr valve an ecu dash warning light will not show. With regard to later 1.9 and all 2.0 models with electronic egr valves yes it will register an ecu dash light. Don't worry though as almost all engine mappers can now delete the egr function from an ecu.

Q. How easy is it to fit.

A. If you are used to working on your car and don't mind getting your hands dirty it is normally a straight forward job. Just follow the instructions and it should take an hour or so.

Q. There is a small vacuum hose/hoses, what should I do with these.

A. The vacuum hose/hoses do not need to be reconnected after fitting the new egr pipe. You may plug the ends if you wish but do keep them clean and secure them near their original position.

Q. Are detailed instructions supplied with the kit.

A. Yes, unless your kit is a special, easy to understand fitting instructions are supplied. Please be aware some kits have several fitments eg. in-line, transverse engine positions which can create small differences when fitting.

Q. Do I need the original egr valve fitted whem my car is due its MOT.

A. Provided your car will pass the current MOT exhaust & smoke test you do not need to have the original egr pipe fitted. In practice normaly the smoke emission is reduced after the ALLARD egr kit is installed helping you sail through your next MOT.

would this item be suitable for octavia vrs 2.0l

Thanks for your enquiry, You will need the Golf 2.0TDI 140 roadsport kit for your vehicle. Regards Allards

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